Germany U17 National Team


HellsternFlorian18. Oktober 2007
KlanacLeon01. März 2007
BürgerJan10. März 2007
ChernyNick15. Juli 2007
CulbreathMontrell29. August 2007
EtcibasiTaycan21. Mai 2007
HusserDenis19. September 2007
IzekorKen24. Mai 2007
KeumoOwono01. Oktober 2007
LicinaAdin06. Januar 2007
Mamuzah LumBoris02. Oktober 2007
MeiserTyler Louis01. März 2007
NeiningerTill03. April 2007
OnyekaFrancis29. April 2007
PollerTiago27. Februar 2007
SauckKilian27. März 2007
SchmetgensMick09. September 2007
SchuldesJamie26. Januar 2007
StangeOtto09. Februar 2007
SwiderNiklas05. Januar 2007
SaymanKayhan09. September 2007

Short Interview with head coach Michael Prus

How do you rate the qualification group?
I expect good and balanced games.

What are the expectations of your team for the tournament?
We want to qualify for the elite round in spring.

How did you prepare for the tournament?
We played a four-nations-tournament in Germany with Israel, Denmark and Italy as our opponents.

What do you know about football in Liechtenstein and about the country?
There are only 7 clubs in Liechtenstein and there is no league of its own. The national team has a German coach with Konrad Fünfstück.