Liechtenstein U17 National Team


HeebLukas07. Juni 2007
JaillantLorick11. April 2007
GiorgettaLeo26. Januar 2007
LinggJoachim18. Juli 2007
MauchleJoel21. Juni 2007
NiggNoel02. Februar 2007
PecoraroAlessio22. April 2008
ScheidlValerian23. September 2008
UzEfe-Devran08. Mai 2008
VerlingJonas24. Juni 2007
ZekanLeis15. Dezember 2008
FauschSimon11. Januar 2007
KonzettBenjamin01. Juli 2007
LampertLevin03. Juli 2008
RosenkeLuca31. Juli 2007
SchulzMischa10. Oktober 2007
WohlwendNico22. Februar 2008
BalbuenaJael07. Februar 2007
BeckJason13. Februar 2008
Lo RussoAlessandro23. September 2008

Short Interview with head coach Dieter Alge

How would you rate the quality of the qualifying group?
The qualifying group is quite strong. Especially Germany stands out as one of the top teams in Europe within this age bracket. However, we also face a significant challenge against Finland and Ukraine, both of which possess considerable physical strength. We can assure one thing: our team will put forth maximum effort!

What are your team's expectations for the tournament?
Our expectations are somewhat restrained. What matters more to us is successfully executing our game plan and tactical strategies. The team demonstrated promising tactics in the 1-0 victory against Gibraltar during the friendly match. Nonetheless, we must thoroughly prepare in order to compete effectively against these formidable opponents. Our aim is to maintain a solid defense and capitalize on offensive opportunities when available.

How did you get ready for the tournament?
Preparation commenced in March with the developmental tournament held in Lithuania. This was followed by several training sessions with the team. Additionally, we engaged in two friendly matches against Gibraltar. Our focus was on instilling specific priorities that the team should bring to the tournament.

To what extent can the advantage of playing at home boost your team's performance in the qualifiers?
Participating in a tournament on home turf is an immensely unique experience for both players and staff. We anticipate substantial support and we're determined to reciprocate with impressive performances. This tournament holds the potential to be an unparalleled experience for our team.