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Matchday 3: U17: Liechtenstein - Finland 0:3 (0:0)

No reward for long struggle

The Liechtenstein U17 national team faced another defeat in the third game of the European Championship qualification, hosted at the Rheinpark Stadium. Dieter Alge's squad put up a valiant effort but ultimately succumbed 0:3 to the Finnish team, with all goals coming in the second half.

Leading up to the final match of the U17 European Championship qualifying tournament held in Liechtenstein, it was apparent that Finland had the opportunity to secure a spot in the elite round by defeating the hosts. In the event of a draw or a loss, they would have had to rely on the rankings of other qualifying groups.

Consequently, Finland exerted early pressure from the outset. In the eighth minute, goalkeeper Lukas Heeb showcased his skills with an impressive save. The Finnish side repeatedly challenged, first hitting the crossbar and then testing Heeb again. The resolute Liechtenstein defense continued to hold firm, frustrating the Finnish team as they sought to break the deadlock. The first half ended unexpectedly goalless, contrary to Finnish expectations.

The coach's halftime speech appeared to have an impact. Shortly after the restart, the Finnish team swiftly regained possession following a Liechtenstein goal kick and found the net with a well-executed strike from the left side. Eager to seal the deal, they relentlessly pursued a second goal, and after an hour of play, Martin Kirilov increased their lead to 2:0. Despite conceding another goal, the Liechtenstein team remained focused and defended against Finnish attacks with unwavering determination. However, in the 83rd minute, substitute Taavi Koukkumäki secured a 3:0 victory, sealing the final score.

While Liechtenstein put up a commendable defense in the third game, they ultimately suffered another loss. Following a 0:6 defeat against Germany and a 0:7 loss to Ukraine, the result against Finland was a notable improvement. Coach Dieter Alge expressed his pride in the team's performance, saying, "I am very proud of my team. Despite having to play three challenging games within a week, we managed to limit the strong Finnish team to a 3:0 victory. Each player gave their all in every match. Although it would have been nice to see our players rewarded with a goal, I am extremely satisfied with their overall performance throughout the tournament." He tipped his hat to his team for their dedication and effort.

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Matchday 3: U17: Ukraine - Germany 0:1 (0:0)

Germany qualified for Elite Round

Germany secured their place in the elite round of the U17 European Championship with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Ukraine on last matchday of qualifying tournament in Liechtenstein. The critical goal was netted by Ken Izekor in the 53rd minute at the Rheinpark Stadium.

The situation before the final day of the U17 European Championship qualification tournament in Liechtenstein was remarkably tight, with three out of the four teams having a shot at a direct qualification to the elite round. This tension was palpable during the initial phase of the Ukraine vs. Germany match, as both teams exercised great caution to avoid costly errors. In the first half, Germany displayed a slightly higher level of offensive threat, but two of their three attempts on goal were thwarted by offside positions, and Ken Izekor's third shot from a quick turn found itself securely cradled by the Ukrainian goalkeeper.

Less than ten minutes into the second half, the German team once again pressed menacingly toward the Ukrainian goal, but their initial attempt was adeptly cleared. However, they retained possession of the ball, and a precise cross enabled Izekor to head it home from close range, granting Germany the crucial lead. Moments later, they nearly found the net again, but Otto Stange's shot sailed just above the crossbar. With their newfound advantage, the Germans exuded confidence and maintained control over the game. Their solid defensive efforts ensured that the score remained 1-0 until the final whistle.

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Matchday 2: Ukraine - Liechtenstein 7:0 (4:0)

Fighted till the end

With a commendable team effort, Liechtenstein's U17 squad displayed resilience in their second EURO qualification match. Despite a 0:7 loss to Ukraine, Coach Dieter Alge's team maintained their determination, conceding just one more goal than they did in their opening game against Germany.

The Liechtenstein U17 national team faced a tough challenge in their second EURO qualification match, succumbing to a 0-7 defeat against Ukraine. They found themselves outmatched by their opponents, unlike their previous game against Germany, where they held a scoreless draw for an extended period. In this match, Ukraine took the lead just five minutes in and further solidified their advantage, leading 4:0 at halftime. Liechtenstein struggled to maintain possession and rarely found relief, in contrast to their performance against Germany.

Nonetheless, the team's unwavering determination and relentless spirit were evident throughout the match. Despite conceding three more goals in the second half, every player demonstrated an unyielding commitment to the game. U17 national coach Dieter Alge praised his players, noting that the Ukrainians posed an even greater challenge than Germany, making their resolute performance all the more impressive.

Looking ahead to their final game against Finland on Saturday, the team will need to muster their energy once more, as the upcoming task promises to be just as demanding as their previous two encounters.

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Matchday 2: Germany - Finland 1:1 (0:0)

Germany gives victory

The second matchday of the U17 European Championship qualification tournament featured an intense clash between Germany and Finland, which culminated in a 1:1 draw. Germany's chance for victory slipped away due to a costly error by one of their defenders, resulting in a handball penalty and the subsequent equalizer.

In the picturesque setting of the Eschen-Mauren sports park, nearly 200 spectators witnessed an early dominance from the Finnish team, which continually posed challenges for the Germans. Germany struggled to find their footing in the offensive game, primarily focusing on defensive maneuvers. The first half passed without any significant scoring opportunities. It wasn't until the 61st minute, when David Huser came off the bench, that Germany's offensive dynamics started to improve. In the 66th minute, Huser himself played a pivotal role in giving Germany the lead.

The Finnish side, determined to respond to their deficit, made efforts to press forward but failed to create any genuinely dangerous scoring opportunities. However, a German defender's unfortunate mistake changed the course of the game. In a moment of confusion, the Defender incorrectly assumed there was a goal kick and touched the ball with his hand. This blunder led to a penalty kick, which was expertly converted by the Finnish player, Sonosi Daldum, just before the final whistle, resulting in a 1:1 draw. The Germans were unable to recover from their error and had to settle for a share of the points in the end.

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Matchday 1: Germany - Liechtenstein 6:0 (2:0)

Convincing performance despite defeat

Liechtenstein's U17 national team opened their EURO qualification campaign with a challenging match against football giants Germany, ultimately falling 0:6. Despite the lopsided scoreline, Liechtenstein's young squad managed to impress for the majority of the ninety minutes.

At the outset of the game, the prevailing question centered on how quickly the reigning U17 European champions, Germany, would assert their dominance by finding the back of the net. As expected, the action primarily unfolded in Liechtenstein's defensive territory, but to everyone's surprise, Coach Dieter Alge's team navigated the initial phase unscathed. As the game progressed, the German U17s appeared increasingly flummoxed by Liechtenstein's resolute teamwork and solidarity.

It took over half an hour for Germany to break the deadlock, and just before halftime, the score was 2:0, solidifying the anticipated outcome. Nevertheless, the Liechtenstein U17s' first-half performance astonished the roughly 450 spectators, and Coach Dieter Alge offered his players encouragement to maintain their determined approach during the break.

In the second half, Liechtenstein continued to hold their ground, managing to keep a clean sheet for another ten minutes. It was only in the last quarter of an hour, as the energy of Dieter Alge's charges waned, that Germany secured a more fitting result with three additional goals.

The Liechtenstein U17s undeniably exceeded expectations on this opening matchday of EURO qualification, earning well-deserved recognition. This sentiment was echoed by German assistant coach and former Leverkusen professional, Sven Bender, who acknowledged how Liechtenstein's team had managed to challenge his side for an extended period. Replicating this impressive performance in upcoming matches against Ukraine and Finland will undoubtedly pose a formidable challenge, one that Coach Dieter Alge is now tasked with preparing his Liechtenstein U17s for.

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Matchday 1: Finland - Ukraine 2:2 (0:0)

Performance fair draw

In the inaugural clash of the U17 EURO qualification tournament, Finland and Ukraine settled for a 2:2 draw.

The tournament's debut unfolded at the picturesque Blumenau Sports and Leisure Park in Triesen on a Sunday afternoon. Finland and Ukraine, two national teams vying for the initial points, engaged in a closely contested battle. Initially, the Finns held sway over the proceedings, yet the match evolved into a more evenly balanced affair as time progressed. The first half was relatively uneventful, with both sides showing restraint in taking risks. However, the second period of play delivered a more engaging brand of football.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, the Ukrainians struck first, only to be met with an immediate equalizer. Subsequently, the Finns seized a 2:1 lead. Just when it seemed the victory was within Finland's grasp, an unfortunate own goal leveled the playing field for the Ukrainians, resulting in a final score of 2:2, a fair reflection of the contest.

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October 12, 2023: U17 starts home tournament on Sunday

Qualification phase for UEFA U17 EURO 2024

On the upcoming Sunday, October 15th, a crucial journey begins in Triesen as Liechtenstein kicks off the U17 EURO finals 2024 qualifying tournament. Their first test is a duel against the reigning European champions, Germany, who enter the competition as the clear favorites. Following this, National Coach Dieter Alge's squad will face Ukraine in Eschen on Wednesday, October 18th, and take on Finland in Vaduz on Saturday, October 21st.

The preparations for the U17 qualifying tournament for the 2024 EURO finals, featuring Germany, Finland, Ukraine, and Liechtenstein, are nearly finalized. Across three match days from October 15th to 21st, a total of six U17 international matches will be held in Triesen, Eschen, and Vaduz. This was announced during a recent press conference by the Liechtenstein Football Association (LFV). LFV Sports Director, Rene Pauritsch, U17 National Coach, Dieter Alge, and Tournament Manager, Judith Frommelt, discussed the tournament, highlighting the significant challenges it presents, both in terms of sports and organization.

Accommodating the visiting delegations was an arduous task, as Judith Frommelt shared her experiences of struggling to find suitable lodgings for all the guests in Liechtenstein last December. Eventually, Finland and Ukraine had to be accommodated in neighboring Switzerland, specifically in Widnau, where they had access to local club facilities in Diepoldsau and Widnau. Crafting the game schedule and selecting venues were no less demanding, as the LFV had to work around ongoing game and training operations at the local clubs' pitches.

Rene Pauritsch, LFV Sports Director, explained the complexities of hosting a U17 tournament in a small nation like Liechtenstein. The association faces limitations due to its size, both in terms of personnel and finances. While UEFA provides some funding, the LFV will still run the event at a loss. Nonetheless, Pauritsch expressed excitement over having high-caliber teams in Liechtenstein, anticipating the presence of scouts scouting for the talents and stars of tomorrow.

From a purely sporting perspective, Liechtenstein is undoubtedly the underdog, with their primary goal being to gain experience and perform to the best of their abilities against stronger opponents. Rene Pauritsch noted the significant physical differences that set them apart from the competition. U17 National Coach Dieter Alge, after intensive preparations, selected a 20-player squad for the tournament from a pool of 30 players born in 2007 and 2008. In contrast, other teams boast larger selections of players born in 2007, making Liechtenstein's task even more challenging. Despite acknowledging Germany's favoritism, Alge stressed that Finland and Ukraine are formidable competitors in their own right.

In his words, "It's a fantastic group, and the physical disparities alone are immense." Alge is fully aware of the daunting tasks ahead but remains convinced that this experience will be unique, leaving an indelible mark on his young players.

All matches in the U17 qualifying tournament are open for public viewing in Triesen, Eschen, and Vaduz, with free admission. Additionally, all six games will be available via live stream on the LFV website, where further information about the tournament and the participating teams can be found.

September 29, 2023: U17 European Championship qualification in Liechtenstein

Germany, Finland and Ukraine are guests

Qualifying for the UEFA U17 EURO 2024 is set to kick off in Liechtenstein from October 15 to 21, 2023, with a captivating mini-tournament format. This year, Liechtenstein will be the gracious host to Germany, Finland, and Ukraine.

Nearly ten months ago, LFV sports director Rene Pauritsch coined this group as "exceptionally challenging," and rightfully so. Reigning European champions in this age category, Germany, will grace Liechtenstein with their presence. For U17 national coach Dieter Alge's squad, there couldn't be a more formidable opener than facing Germany, widely regarded as one of Europe's top teams in this age group. Nevertheless, the resilient Liechtensteiners, buoyed by their dedicated fan base, are committed to showcasing their best against the physically imposing Finns and Ukrainians.

The qualifying group's six matches will be held at three distinct venues: the Blumenau sports facility in Triesen, the Eschen-Mauren sports park, and the Vaduz Rheinpark Stadium. The tournament commences on Sunday, October 15th, at 12 p.m. in Triesen with Finland facing off against Ukraine. Following that, at 4:30 p.m., Liechtenstein will commence their tournament journey with a match against Germany, also in Triesen. The second matchday on Wednesday, October 18th, will unfold at the Sportpark Eschen-Mauren, leading up to the climactic final fixtures of this qualifying tournament on Saturday, October 21st, at Rheinpark Stadium.

December 8, 2022: Challenging Times Ahead for Liechtenstein Youth Football

On December 8, 2022, the draws for the U17 and U19 European Championship qualifications were held in Nyon, and for Liechtenstein's national teams, the outcomes were nothing short of daunting. The U19 squad found themselves pitted against formidable opponents in Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, while the U17 team is set to face a formidable foe in Germany, along with Ukraine and Finland. The U17 qualifying tournament is scheduled to take place in Liechtenstein from October 15th to 21st, 2023, followed by the U19 national team's qualification matches in Sweden from November 15th to 21st, 2023.

For Liechtenstein, 2023 promises to be a year filled with unique football challenges. As the senior national team competes, notably against Portugal in their EURO qualification, the youth national teams in the U17 and U19 age categories are gearing up for their European Championship qualifications, facing formidable opponents. The UEFA draw held at their headquarters in Nyon resulted in Group 4 for the U19s, featuring Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, while the U17 national team was placed in Group 3, alongside Germany, Ukraine, and Finland. LFV sports director Rene Pauritsch expressed his astonishment, saying, "What a draw! It feels like both teams are competing in a final round."