Ukraine U17 National Team


BohdanovDmytro06. März 2007
BondarNazar18. Januar 2007
DankovskyiYehor19. März 2007
DehtyarDaniel04. März 2007
DenysovIvan28. März 2007
DihtiarKyrylo25. November 2007
DraganOleksandr27. Februar 2007
HarmashYevhenii24. Februar 2007
KharechkoOleksandr09. Februar 2007
LiusinPavlo23. Februar 2008
OlychenkoBohdan18. Januar 2007
OzymaiVolodymyr24. Mai 2007
PetrenkoOleksandr26. März 2007
RiabokonYevhenii07. Mai 2007
RybakOleksiy18. April 2007
SheleketaMykyta20. Februar 2007
SorokaOleksandr12. Januar 2007
StepanovArtem10. August 2007
TretiakDemyan23. Mai 2007
UkhanArtur24. August 2007
StrilchukDmytro08. März 2007

Short Interview with head coach Yezerkskyi Volodymyr

How do you rate the qualification group?
Very soon the U-17 team of Ukraine will be competing against other teams in Group 3 of the European U-17 Championship. To my mind, this group corresponds to Elite Round level.

What are the expectations of your team for the tournament?
Well, it will be interesting to visit such a country like Liechtenstein. And it also will be interesting to compete and check our level of preparation during the tournament.

How did you prepare for the tournament?
All people are aware of the fact there is a war in the country and, unfortunately, due to the war, we do not have a full-valued preparation for the competition like other teams do. However, we   drastically motivated to get through to Elite Round of the Championship. Anyway, on behalf of the U-17 national team I would like to thank all our partners in Europe for the preparation for this competition.

What do you know about football in Liechtenstein and about the country?
Well, when I was a player, I used to visit this beautiful and picturesque country years ago. I was also lucky to take part in some UEFA competitions in Liechtenstein. I can judge that football in this country is very popular and is loved by the nation of Liechtenstein. I have got my best memories of this country.